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Heavy Industrial Ramps


HYWAY Heavy Industrial Ramps enable you to load heavy equipment and machinery onto trucks and trailers. If it is small enough to fit onto a conventional truck, then we will have ramps capable of loading your machine!

We can also design and make ramps specifically for your requirements - longer, shorter, wider, narrower, hinging, folding... you talk and we'll listen!
If a solution is practical and affordable, without compromising safety, we will strive to achieve it.

When selecting ramps suitable for your application, the following points must be considered:

  • »Total weight of your machine
  • »Track or tyre width                                                                                              
  • »Height of truck/trailer deck from ground
  • »Acceptable gradient for your machine to negotiate
  • »Not sure? We can help you with this  






A note about Capacity

The weight distribution of your machine must be considered when choosing ramps e.g. an 8-tonne tractor may only apply a 5-tonne load on the middle of the ramps.

The rated capacity allows for the "axle load" across the pair. The rated capacity must exceed the heaviest axle or concentration of load.


Model Capacity (per pair) Weight (per Ramp) Lenght (m) A B C D
125/330 3000kg 32kg 3.3 490 400 125 40
150/330 4500kg 43kg 3.3 550 450 150 45
150/360 4500kg 47kg 3.6 550 450 150 45
175/360 6000kg 58kg 3.6 650 530 175 60
200/360 7500kg 68kg 3.6 730 600 200 60



Recommended method for fixing to the deck:
The top end of the ramp has a flat plate which sits on the end of the deck. This is secured by a steel pin (supplied) which is placed through a matching hole in the deck. This has proven to be a better way of securing than welding pins or lugs.

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