Can I buy parts for my Hyway Ramps?2019-06-17T16:12:58+13:00

Some parts on the ramps can be replaced or repaired by your local engineer with aluminium welding capabilities. Please get in touch with Hyway to request replaceable parts. Have your serial number ready so we can confirm the style, width and rating.

How do I choose which Hyway Ramp is best for me?2019-07-10T17:47:30+13:00

Choosing your Hyway Ramps is easy! You’ll need to consider three points – Weight, width and height.

  • The total weight of your machine. (The rated capacity must exceed the heaviest axle or concentration of load. For more information see Capacity Guidelines.)
  • The track or tyre width. (Ensure the machines tracks or tyres won’t touch the side beams when loading or unloading.)
  • The height or your truck/trailer from the ground. (Hyway recommends a gradient of around 20° when loading excavators, tractors, bobcats etc. Other vehicles or implements may have a lower clearance and need a gentler gradient. We can help you decide on the safest length of ramp if you know your deck height.)
How do I fit my Hyway Ramps to the deck of my truck or trailer?2019-06-17T16:11:14+13:00

The top end of the ramp has a strong, flat plate (90mm), which sits on the end of the deck. Use the steel pins supplied to secure the ramps through a matching hole in the deck.  The R clip will hold the pins in place. This has proven to be a better way of securing than welding pins or lugs.

What is an ‘axle load rating’?2019-06-19T11:17:50+13:00

All Hyway ramps are rated for ‘an axle load across the pair’. The axle load equivalent is regarded as the simplest and most definite way of stating the load rating on a pair of ramps. An excavator or tracked machine distributes its weight along the length of the track. Therefore, it cannot apply it’s full weight at any point across the ramps (unless it’s standing on its end, which does not happen). Likewise, a wheeled machine would distribute its weight evenly across it’s two axles. The rated capacity must exceed the heaviest axle or concentration of load.

Are my Hyway Ramps suitable for Rubber and Steel tracked machines?2019-06-17T16:08:12+13:00


Yes! Hyway ramps are designed for both steel and rubber tracked machines.

We can add lugs to the rungs if you’re concerned about loading steel tracked machines up aluminium ramps.

What is the Warranty Policy on Hyway Ramps?2019-06-17T16:45:02+13:00

All Hyway Ramps have a 24-month manufactures warranty which covers manufacturing defects. Full details of this can be provided at request. Email us: info@hyway.co.nz


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