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Light Industrial Ramps


Selecting your Hyway Ramps

  • » Safe, fast, and practical.
  • » Improve efficiency.
  • » Increase versatility.
  • » Superior traction giving safety and confidence.
  • » Achieving the balance of strength, weight, and cost.
  • » Top quality high tensile alloys - New Zealand made!

When selecting ramps suitable for your application, the following points must be considered:

  • » Total weight of your machine.
  • » Track or tyre width on your machine.
  • » Height of your truck/trailer deck from the ground.
  • » An acceptable gradient for your machine to negotiate
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L100 Series

Model Length (m) Capacity (per pair) Weight (per Ramp)
L100 210 2.1 2500kg 16kg
L100 240 2.4 2200kg 18kg
L100 270 2.7 1900kg 20kg
L100 300 3.0 1700kg 22kg
L100 330 3.3 1500kg 24kg


L75 Series

Model Length (m) Capacity (per pair) Weight (per Ramp)
L75 180 1.8 1700kg 12kg
L75 210 2.1 1400kg 14kg
L75 240 2.4 1200kg 16kg
L75 270 2.7 1000kg 17kg
L75 300 3.0 900kg 19kg


L70 Series

Model Length (m) Capacity (per pair) Weight (per Ramp)
L70 150 1.5 1200kg 7kg
L70 180 1.8 1100kg 9kg
L70 210 2.1 950kg 10kg
L70 240 2.4 850kg 11kg
L70 270 2.7 750kg 13kg


The specified length includes the top plate which laps onto the deck by 100mm. This has a hole in it and a pin is supplied to fasten the ramp to the end of deck.

The rated capacity allows for the “axle load” across the pair. The rated capacity must exceed the heaviest axle or concentration of load.


Guarantee: Hyway Manufacturing guarantees it’s products against manufacturing defects or faults. Should any failure occur, Hyway Manufacturing will see that repairs are made, or replacements supplied, provided that it is satisfied that the ramps were not subject to use outside the recommended guidelines in the ‘Important Guidelines’ supplied with the product. This guarantee is valid for 24 months from date of manufacture and does not cover general wear and tear.

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